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The brain behind ThemeWarrior, also a father to a beautiful baby girl named Amanda and a handsome boy named Raihan.

Affective Web Design: Crafting an Emotional Connection with Users

In today’s digital landscape, where attention spans are shorter than ever, designing a website that not only captures users’ interest but also connects with them on an emotional level is essential. Affective web design is the answer to creating such an engaging online experience. This design approach combines aesthetics, usability, and emotion to establish a deep connection between users and the digital products they interact…

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How Many Landing Pages Should A Website Have?

When building a website, there are several things to consider and look out for, and one of the most important is the landing page and how it is supposed to be designed for maximum efficiency and functionality. As a website owner, you should know that landing pages are very important in conversion rate increases, lead generation and boosting of sales. The number of landing pages…

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B2B Website Design Trends in 2021

Internet is a very dynamic place. Thus, every year, there are always new trends to follow that will define the design decisions made in the entire year. The trends are especially important to retain repeat visitors and entice new visitors to visit your site. A beautiful, consistent, and up-to-date website design will also create a sense of trustworthiness for your site. However, you might not…

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7 Landing Page Mistakes You Should Avoid

Introduction Boosting your conversion rates solely depend on a few details, one of which is the effectiveness of your Landing page. Several actions could affect your landing page either positively or negatively and in turn, cause your conversion rate rise or fall. Since there are no corrections without mistakes, we will look into the most common landing page mistakes and their possible fix, which can…

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TaskHive – Freelance Services Marketplace WordPress Theme

The freelance market is a lucrative one, especially in the era of a new normal where most of us are confined in the comfort of our own home. Working from home has various demonstrable benefits, such as flexible working hours and the potential to earn more money than a comparable desk job. Nowadays, there are various platforms to find freelance work or sell your digital…

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10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes in 2020

When you search for information on the internet, you might be inclined to stop at the first page of the search result, and you are not alone. Most people tend to ignore the second page onwards, which highlights the tricky art of making your website appear on the first page. The art is widely known as “search engine optimization” or also known as SEO. In…

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Introducing ListingHive, an Extensible WordPress Free Directory Theme

Nowadays, a lot of things are done online, including finding a house to rent, finding the rating of a business, and many other activities. The widespread usage of the internet opens a huge door of possibility for enterprising users, for example, to make an easy to use directory website for local businesses to get them noticed by internet users, and so on. Previously, the idea…

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Best Restaurant Menu & Booking WordPress Plugins

Everything seems to be possible on the internet. You can almost sell everything too. People demand faster response time from any businesses, including from restaurants. Some restaurants now offering a delivery order system, to catch up. If you are a restaurant owner using WordPress and you want to make an order system for your business, we recommend you to use a plugin. Here is the…

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Best WordPress RSVP Plugins in 2020

Looking to held an event and looking for an RSVP WordPress plugin to help attendees to register and signup to your event? There are many RSVP plugins for WordPress on the market, choosing one may be tricky for you. For this reason, we curate for you some best plugins available on the market. Read them carefully since you may find the plugin that fit your…

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Choosing a Donation Plugin: Donorbox Review

Online fundraising is one of the most popular and most convenient ways to raise money. Most of these online fundraising is done through a website with a donation page or form. To create this form or page, one of the easiest ways in WordPress is by using a donation plugin on your sites. Choosing a donation plugin for WordPress seems simple but it is not…

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