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Best Restaurant Menu & Booking WordPress Plugins

Everything seems to be possible on the internet. You can almost sell everything too. People demand faster response time from any businesses, including from restaurants. Some restaurants now offering a delivery order system, to catch up. If you are a restaurant owner using WordPress and you want to make an order system for your business, we recommend you to use a plugin. Here is the…

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How to Fix WordPress “Error establishing a database connection”

For WordPress users, the phrase “Error establishing a database connection” can be a nightmare. This message is the sign that your website is not communicating properly. In other words, if you do not resolve it immediately, your website can go down. Therefore, you must take immediate action. Don’t panic if your website is currently experiencing a similar problem. In this case, stay calm and try…

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10+ Best WordPress Wedding Themes 2017

Are you looking for some inspirations to make your wedding WordPress site look more attractive? Well, if you are, you need to use stunning, attractive, and unique theme. Luckily, we have searched and reviewed a number of themes for you. Instead of conducting a review on your own that will surely takes time and lots of energy, you can pick one of the themes we…

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