Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Pro: 5 Reasons to Buy It in 2020

Thos beautiful and converting landing pages you see on the Internet may come from a powerful WordPress plugin called Elementor. This Elementor plugin gives the users a speedy chance to design and customize the workflow and visual look of a webpage. If you wish to know more about this particular plugin, below is the comprehensive Elementor Pro review you can take for reference, so you can see it…

WordPress error can cause alot of headache

How to Fix WordPress “Error establishing a database connection”

For WordPress users, the phrase “Error establishing a database connection” can be a nightmare. This message is the sign that your website is not communicating properly. In other words, if you do not resolve it immediately, your website can go down. Therefore, you must take immediate action. Don’t panic if your website is currently experiencing a similar problem. In this case, stay calm and try…

Best table of contents WordPress plugins

5 Table of Contents WordPress Plugins for Better On-Page SEO

To help organize your blog post content and providing something better for your WordPress sitee visitors and also for better on-page SEO optimization., installing a table of contents plugin (TOC) will never go wrong for you. Better users experience is one of the benefit that you’ll have when you install a table of contents plugin. Every article readers on your website would like to find…


Best Free Email SMTP Plugins for WordPress

Ever feel the sorrow of sending emails with WordPress? Using a free SMTP plugin allow your WordPress website to send emails using your SMTP credentials. This emails usually contains notifications regarding WordPress updates, instruction to retrieve lost password, new comments, new user signups and other notifications. In WordPress, there is a function that may allow you to receive an email using the PHP mail. However, it is…

The site is experiencing technical difficulties error

How to Fix WordPress Error “The site is experiencing technical difficulties”

Since WordPress 5.2.1 we see more people complaining about their WordPress site is now throwing “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” error message when they’re trying to access it. The error usually occurs after doing upgrade on WordPress core it self or updating installed WordPress plugins in their site or when you’re something something else. Usually back then, when there’s something wrong with your code,…

Site Origin Page Builder

Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins You Should Use in 2019

Are you dying to start your own blog site without any constraint? Even though you don’t speak the programming language, building a customizeable a WordPress page is now achievable thanks to the page builder plugins available in the market. Building and customizing a WordPress site is yesterday’s fencepost problem since editing the layout and making a visually pleasing site can be done in a blink…