When building a website, there are several things to consider and look out for, and one of the most important is the landing page and how it is supposed to be designed for maximum efficiency and functionality. As a website owner, you should know that landing pages are very important in conversion rate increases, lead generation and boosting of sales. The number of landing pages needed to build a website effectively depends on the level of increase needed on the website.

Researchers have shown that in building a website, about 10 to 15 landing pages would work effectively in improving the site by about 55%, and with more than 40 landing pages an increase of about 500% is to be expected. If your website is not performing as well as you want it to, then you probably do not have as many landing pages as you should improve your website’s performance. There are several ways to get more leads and conversion rates that would improve sales or audience by a large number, without the need for an online marketing campaign. 

In a nutshell, to improve your online business presence, you have to increase the number of landing pages on your website, which will in turn increase your website performance. There are several ways to increase the landing pages on your website, and they include;

Get a Landing Page Creator

With this kind of tool at your disposal, you can create as many landing pages as you need and experience the growth you have been looking for. One of the main reasons people do not use landing pages on their website is because of lack of know-how, and with the Landing page creation tool, they do not have to worry about being able to easily create landing pages with optimised settings and great performance. This tool also gives website owners or managers good control over their website, as they don’t need to worry about the time and resources it would take to employ third-party tools.

Create Attractive offers

Creating several landing pages would certainly improve your website’s performance, but you cannot just put anything in the market, without making really good offers to customers or your audiences. If you want to increase your lead generation rate, then you have to put in the work and effort that comes with enjoying such uplift, so as you work on increasing your landing pages, you have to work on creating offers as well.

Personalise your offers

There’s no doubt that everyone has preferences, and as an online website, your business will attract people from different parts of the world or a certain area. In creating a landing page, you have to take into account the individual needs and preferences and create a variety of marketing offers specific to individual wants.

Tweak up your contents

If you have contents that have been previously created, you can always tweak them up instead of creating new ones which will enable you to save costs and also save you time. 

If you are still wondering why you need so many landing pages and you think it is not important to invest in them, then below are some of the reasons why you should get more landing pages for better functionality.

For Better Conversion Rates

When you have more landing pages on your website, it improves the opportunity for the conversion of site visitors into leads, which in turn increases your website’s online presence and business performance. More landing pages also improves the SEO content on your website, which will have a positive impact on your website, even before customers visit your website. When you have more landing pages on your site, you also have more landing pages in the searches, which will increase the tendency of your page getting clicked on.

For several options on offers

With more landing pages, you have more offers/varieties and with that, people with different preferences and would have access to the different landing pages that meet their respective requirements of being on your website.

Increased Targeting Opportunities

This aspect is very important in building your website with landing pages, and it is targeted at improving landing pages by paying attention to targeting opportunities and creating more offers to meet the needs of targeted customers or audiences.

In conclusion, the number of landing pages you have on your website is the major determiner of how well your website will perform, and it takes into account several other factors that increase your conversion rates, website performance and online presence in general.