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7 Landing Page Mistakes You Should Avoid


Boosting your conversion rates solely depend on a few details, one of which is the effectiveness of your Landing page. Several actions could affect your landing page either positively or negatively and in turn, cause your conversion rate rise or fall.

Since there are no corrections without mistakes, we will look into the most common landing page mistakes and their possible fix, which can help improve any declining conversion rate.

Below are the 7 most common mistakes linked with the building and optimization of landing pages;

1. Lack of Simplicity

Stuffing up your landing page is one of the easiest mistakes to make as most people like to give the public awesome points and details on why their product is great or why their business is good for them. You may be wondering why the reasons that should make people stay are what is chasing them away. It is simple; most people get bored reading several lines or paragraphs on how great your product or business is.

Normally, you have 5 seconds to convince your visitors, so instead of giving them that long lecture, reduce your texts and impress them with a clear value proposition using bullet points, visuals and bolded words. These effects ensure that visitors do not miss the point since people skim through most things on the internet.

2. Lack of USP or Value Proposition

A unique selling proposition is one of the most effective add ups that your landing page should have as the first thing your visitors should see on your webpage is a proposition that should make them stay longer which will, in turn, promote traffic to your page.

You should, however, ensure that your sales point instantly communicates business and make a strong emphasis on what your products or business stand for rather than beat around the bush. Your value proposition or USP should have catchphrases that will get visitors attention by putting your products or business on the top. Some examples include; 

  • The best (product service)
  • The speediest (service) you can get for (customer’s needs)
  • The No.1 (product) for (product service)

3. Visual Contents

Visuals such as images and videos are one of the most important elements that aid the promotion of landing pages and conversion rates. People share more connections with visual notions since there are more dramatic in the explanation of your contents. Having an image or video is one thing, but some basic criteria should be met with. The image or video should; 

  • Have an easy flow with your page
  • Be eye-catchy
  • Be welcoming for engagement
  • Display your content
  • Be outstanding without contrasting too deeply

4. Selecting the Best Landing Page Builder

The use of crappy landing page builders is one of the most common mistakes webpage owners make. When choosing a promotion tool for your products or business, you should select the best landing page builder.

Although there several landing page builders in the market, picking the right one for your web page is not so difficult as you have the opportunity to know which will work best for you. Some popular landing page builders include; Unbounce, Leadpage and Clickfunnel.

Although there are all great builders, you still have the task of picking one to promote your products best. We could pick any of the top landing page builders, but leadpages is the best when compared to Clickfunnels or other landing page software, as it includes several amazing offers and also promises a turn out in the conversion rate.

5. Unappealing Call to Action

The Call to Action on your webpage is one of the most important things that make up your Landing page. Three aspects of your CTA will account for a bad turn out in its effect on your Landing page and they include;

  • Invisibility: there have been several written to promote CTA and most of them have made emphasis on visibility. Making your Call to Action visible includes using a different colour from the rest of the background, making the texts bolder and also including some visual effects to create a compelling and attractive view for visitors.
  • Place it right: you may be wondering why your CTA has made almost no change in your webpage, but have you thought of its position on the page? You should place your CTA where it is most visible and can immediately meet your visitors’ eye. 
  • Understand the purpose of CTA: This is one of the most important tips that enable your CTA to work for you. You must remember that a CTA has a different function from the Value proposition. Its job is not to convince your visitors but to tell them what to do. The convincing part should be left to your Value proposition and this includes telling them what they stand to get from partnering with you or purchasing your products.

6. No Trust Effect

One of the most important aspects of marketing is a success. You do not expect your product to be purchased without a clear certification of customer’s trustas they need a reassurance that they are not being fooled or tricked by your great advertising skills. Some trust symbols include;

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Customer’s testimonial
  • Proof of customer’s purchase

7. Simple Entry Form

It is not a wonder that people like to avoid stressful situations, so it is relevant to keep your entry form simple and easily relatable. Some people may have issues giving out some personal information beyond their name, email and location.

So instead of risking customer’s participation, it is advisable to keep your form simple and open to all.


Some mistakes associated with building and promoting landing pages have been recognised above, so it is only reasonable to avoid or correct these mistakes if they play a role in your declining conversion rate.

However, there is always a thing or two to correct in even the most well-done jobs, so you should keep an open mind to other uncommon mistakes and ensure to use the best tools and practices in making your Landing page comfortable and easily accessible by your visitors.

Andra Yogi

The brain behind ThemeWarrior, also a father to a beautiful baby girl named Amanda and a handsome boy named Raihan.

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