Today, we release theme updates for HardWork, BreakingNewz and Picture Box WordPress themes. For our customers, you can find the updates in the theme support forum.

We happy to announce that all of our themes now support localization, you can easily change the text in our themes to your own language.

Here are the changes we made to the themes:

HardWork 1.2 WordPress Theme

  • Update WarriorPanel
  • Update all theme files to adjust with the new WarriorPanel
  • Add localization support
  • Add default text to cancel_comment_reply_link() in comments.php
  • Update includes/breadcrumbs.php
  • Update some text in includes/warrior_latest_posts.php
  • Update Warrior Twitter widget
  • Remove post thumb from single.php
  • Add default-thumb.gif to images folder
  • Simplify home.php by splitting the featured slider and latest projects into seperate php files

BreakingNewz 1.4  WordPress Theme

  • Add localization support
  • Modify text in /functions/layout.php
  • Add cancel reply text in comments.php
  • Fix “Use of undefined constant rand” error in includes/category_highlights.php
  • Add CSS styles for default WordPress widgets
  • Update Warrior Twitter widget
  • Update copyright text in footer.php
  • Add author name to single.php
  • Update Warrior About Us widget (allows HTML tags to the about text)

Picture Box 1.2 WordPress Theme

  • Add localization support
  • Modify text in /functions/layout.php
  • Change text in comments.php and footer.php to support localization
  • Remove post__not_in parameter on /includes/latest_post.php
  • Update Warrior About widget so it supports HTML tags & validate if the thumbnail URL is entered
  • Add clear: both; to #leftcol .copyright in style.css