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Meet Our Official Mascot

We’ve been planning to create a mascot for ThemeWarrior since several months ago, we want this mascot able to represent us in the best way possible. So, two weeks ago I contacted a friend of mine -Kuswanto- from Petshopbox to help us create our mascot. I’ve known Kuswanto since two years ago and he’s known for his awesome characters and icon designs.

I told Petshopbox that I want our mascot to have some Indonesian-style. My mind directly pointed me to Gatot Kaca, a famous character in Pewayangan (a story telling cultures from Java)

In Indonesia Gatot Kaca is a famous character of Pewayangan (a story telling cultures from java), he has some of most superhero ability, flying but he can flying without wings (wow).
he was famous with nickname “otot kawat tulang besi” or “Wire Muscle Iron Bone”.

From: Hero need a holiday

As I said earlier in the post, we want our mascot to represent us in the best way possible. We are dedicated to our work and will always help our customers as quickly as possible and response to every questions they might have in a friendly manner and we want our mascot to have the same spirit that we have!

Few days later, Petshopbox come up with their first sketches. They sent me 4 sketches each with different pose.

Original Sketches

Original Sketches

I must say, Petshopbox did a great job with the sketches and we like the second sketch from the left! After some minor tweaks and finish coloring the sketch we finally have our official mascot.

Naming Contest

Our mascot still doesn’t have a name yet, can you help us suggest a name? If we feel that the name is suited, we will pick 1 name for our mascot from your suggestion and the person who suggested the name can pick 2 standard package themes from our themes collection and we will send the download link to your email, so please make sure your enter a valid email address!

Please write the suggested name in the comment form. We will use the winning name as our mascot’s name and we can use the name in any occasion. The contest is valid until December 31st, 2010.

Thank you so much for Petshopbox for helping us out, they sure knows how to create great character design!


We decided to use the name “W” for our mascot, it’s simple and quite easy to remember and best of all you can see the name in our mascot! So, congrats to Rino for suggesting the name. We will contact the winner soon.

Andra Yogi

    The brain behind ThemeWarrior, also a father to a beautiful baby girl named Amanda and a handsome boy named Raihan.


    • John

      How bout Woobee? Sounds like a great name

    • Sheilla

      So adorable!!! LOVE HIM. But looks cuter with the mustache, why did you remove it?

      • Yogi

        Thanks Sheilla, we loose the mustache because we can’t see it’s smile with the mustache intact.

    • Hindi Guy

      Sir i recommend Heeros becos i think name is cool

      hope i win. sorry english is bad

    • Yudhis

      Awesome. this character is really cool!

    • WPThemeInfo

      I would suggest SuperWorrior or ThemeWorrior. as this suits to superman type. But I really love the art done by the artist. Gread Job.

    • pceasies

      Waku (WA-koo) the ThemeWarrior

    • haneep

      How about – Guna? 😀

      • Yogi

        Does Guna have any meaning? Like it 🙂

    • Diskon

      Nice LOGO Andra

      LOVE IT

    • Jason

      Gatior (mean : Gatot Warrior)
      wkwkw 🙂

    • Rizky

      nice character, i would give the name “khrisna”

    • Philippines Virtual Assistant

      Taking away the mustache from the original sketch was a great idea … Good job guys … Sorry I can’t think of a name yet but I’ll post it if ever I can … Thanks — Kathleen 🙂

    • fr

      So cute, call him “Wee”

    • WPSPY

      Here is my name RAZE
      One who destroys mediocre wp designs.

    • WPSPY

      one more RAZO

    • Nikki Hebert

      Here is my name RAZE One who destroys mediocre wp designs.

    • Jamfris

      Is indeed a very nice mascot!

      I loved it much with the moustache… but I understand your reasons to remove it 🙂

      I have two name suggestions, one more traditional, based from your brand:
      > Warry

      The other option, less attached to it:
      > Pyxis (which means Light and Shadow in greek)


      Have a nice new year’s eve!

    • Rino

      since your site name is ThemeWarrior, how bout if we just call it ‘W’. It sounds like a simple and easy to remember

    • WebExplorer

      Love your mascot so much guys, but I can’t seem to figure out a name for this cute baby

    • Katherine


    • NZ Logo Design

      Fantastic mascot, I will keep petshopbox in mind for possibly doing some work for us, they have done a great job and we could likely utilise their expertise for some of our logo design clients.

    • Steven

      Nice name. W stands for Warrior, also can stands for WordPress 😀

    • Freecmstheme

      Otot kawat, balung besi…
      Top deh… GBU 🙂

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