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Best Free Email SMTP Plugins for WordPress

Ever feel the sorrow of sending emails with WordPress? Using a free SMTP plugin allow your WordPress website to send emails using your SMTP credentials.

This emails usually contains notifications regarding WordPress updates, instruction to retrieve lost password, new comments, new user signups and other notifications.

In WordPress, there is a function that may allow you to receive an email using the PHP mail. However, it is not as effective as its look, and several problems might occur when you want to send, or receive an email to your account. 

Sometimes, the email that has been sent to you will be distracted by several emailing provider. That is why you need to have this SMTP plugin to help you when you need to send or receive an email. Most email users who accept will be considered as spam, and several emailing platforms see this email as spam, which is Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

It is not a big problem if those emailing platform is seeing the email as spam, you can add the SMTP to your website, that can fulfill what you need. There is a lot of new and best SMTP that is free for you, and you can add to your website as a new plugin.

Most of the hosting company start to decreasing the use of the mailing system, that is purposes to banned restricted actions by their users. That is why to get the best solutions you can add SMTP plugin into your website.

There is a lot of emailing services in almost all of the free SMTP plugins that you can choose, that would need several authentification agreements. 

You need to set the SMTP in the right way, and you can request it to your hosting provider. To make sure if you can receive a new email or updates. If you can set it right, there are only slight possibilities that your email can be seen as spam.

Here are some SMTP plugins for WordPres that we highly recommends:

WP Mail SMTP by WP Form

WP Mail SMTP by WP Form

Used by almost 1 million sites in the world, WP Mail provides you the best options to deliver and receive an email quickly and reliable. To ensure that the email can reach the inbox.

This plugin can fix your email deliverability. By trying to reconfiguring WordpPress to use a proper SMTP to send an email. The direct provider API sends the email, that will keep delivering your email even that the web host is blocking the SMTP ports.

Several email services that you can choose in WP Mail SMTP plugin are Sendinblue, Mailgun, SendGrid, Gmail, Microsoft, Amazon SES, and many other SMTP.



There is a lot of emailing platform that you can use by using this plugin such as from Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail’s SMTP.

The use of this plugin will allow you to send an email using an SMTP server. It can directly connect your email to your WordPress website and handling all outgoing emails. 

Post-SMTP Mailer/Email Log

Post-SMTP Mailer/Email Log

This SMTP plugin support the latest security standards, which means that you do not need to store your email and password in WordPress database.

There is a lot of things that you can trust by the connectivity test and quick setup wizard scan on your SMTP. This can be used to detect firewall blocks.

Everything will be better with all of these configurations, that can eliminate any mistakes when you are sending emails. You can build Email Log as a valuable source to diagnose a problem with an email. You need to know that this plugin can deliver your email via HTTPS if it cannot support SMTP system.


There is a lot of features in this plugin that you can use to make sure if you can send or receive an email from your website.

There is a universal SMTP for every service that you need and supported by API. That can send an email via HTTP for every mailing platforms including Gmail, Sendgrid, Mailgun, and Mandrill. 

You need to know that if you are using this plugin, you can use the credential and configure inside of wp-config.php instead of storing in in the database.

You can have a lot of options either you want to resend or filter the emails, which allows you to receive the notification by email, Slack, or pushover. There’s also a port checker to check for any blocking issue.

WP Mail SMTP Plugin-Mail Bank

WP Mail SMTP Plugin – Mail Bank

There is a guarantee for fast and 100% confident email deliverability when using Mail Bank’s SMTP plugin.

Everything is included for the test, log, and control to your email deliverability for multiple WordPress Installations and networks. Using an expert coders, you can get updates automatically by default. All of your problems, while you are using this plugin, will always be handled by listening to the customer care and needs.

Aside from supporting SMTP protocol, Mail Bank SMTP plugin also supports Sendgrid and Mailgun APIs.

SMTP Mailer

SMTP Mailer

You can set all of the outgoing mail servers, and using the SMTP Authentication when you were sending an email.

You can connect the username and password to your SMTP using this free SMTP plugin, ensuring the type of encryption, and SMTP port to detect the blocking sources. If you are already done with the configuration, you can go directly to operates the real function of this plugin.


If you are checking for the best emailing platform on your WordPress website by using these plugins, you can try to install the plugin based on your need. There is a lot of plugins that you can use, and provide you a different setup program that must be useful to your website performance.

Has a problem with your email deliverability must be a hard problem to resolve, that is why a free SMTP plugin is one of the best options. You do not need to spend a lot of money, by only making sure if your hosting can be suitable with the SMTP that you are using. 

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