Starting today, we’re going to publish tips and tricks related to WordPress. Hope you guys like it.

The Scenario

Your demo site is located in http://currentclientdomain.tld/demosite and you want to move your site to http://currentclientdomain.tld.

As you may all know, you can move the site by moving all the files under http://currentclientdomain.tld/demosite to http://currentclientdomain.tld. But do you know that there’s another simpler way to do it?

The Solution

All you have to do is:

  • Copy index.php and .htaccess from demo site root into production site rootdirectory.
  • Open index.php from demo site root directory,  find this code:
    [php]require(‘./wp-blog-header.php’);[/php]and replace it with[php]require(‘./demosite/wp-blog-header.php’);[/php]
  • Open WordPress admin panel and go to Setting -> General, edit Site Address (URL) from http://currentclientdomain.tld/demosite into http://currentclientdomain.tld

WordPress General Settings

If you do the above steps above correctly the demo site will now run as the new live site and can be access from http://currentclientdomain.tld.

One thing you should note is that new live site WordPress Dashboard can only be access from http://clientsitedomain.tld/demosite/wp-admin/.

This tutorial was intended to show you that there’s another way to move your demo site and you must realized that this tutorial made a minor modification to WordPress code file.