This theme (BreakingNewz) had the exact magazine style I was looking for and was very well written so that I could understand and modify the theme files to implement some of my own customizations with ease. (Justin Germino –

This theme (BreakingNewz) is surely better than a number of so called premium themes out there and the best thing is that you do not even need to pay a penny. i.e. It is free. (Shiva –

The theme really looks very good, I have paid a lot of money for something similar about a month ago. I am going to download it and probably use it for my next project. (Carl –

This is maybe the most beautiful and cleanest free theme I’ve ever seen. (Ricky –

Your themes are really great. (Shanker Bakshi –

This theme (BreakingNewz) is gorgeous! Nice work (Joanne)