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Theme Release

Elemag (Free Version) is Released!

Giving back to the community has always been one of our goals and as you may already know we always try to release a free version for each themes we produced. Today, we would like to share a free version of Elemag theme. Elemag it self was first released back in late December, 2011.

Scheduled Down Time

Tomorrow (May 22nd), we’re going to take the site down for a few hours from 9am – 12am (GMT +7)  to update the site with a more appealing layout. We’ve been preparing the new layout since a month ago and finally we’re going to go live with the new layout soon. Please note that you can still access the support forum during the period, if…

The Wedding WordPress Theme

Preview: The Wedding WordPress Theme

After releasing two themes (Portofolio and Elemag) last month, we’re excited to release our next theme called The Wedding. As you can tell from the name, it’s a wedding WordPress theme :). We’re still doing some test on the theme and we plan to release it in the next few days. Here’s a little teaser to get you excited as well! Several features worth mentioning Count…

timthumb.php Security Fixed

Mak Maunder, the CEO of Feedjit early this Monday discovered a security flaw in TimThumb script. TimThumb is script commonly used in many WordPress themes to resize images on the fly. The only theme in our collection that is affected to this security flaw is nowLedge, we have release an update and you can download latest version of nowLedge 1.0.2 from our support forum. All you…

Pricing Changes

No, it has nothing to do with this post on WPCandy, we already planned this since January 2011. This is a really hard thing to do but have to do it so we can provide a much better support and services to all our members. We will roll out the new price in a few weeks. The changes will not effect our current members, you…

nowLedge - Knowledge Base WordPress Theme
Theme Previews

Sneak Peak: nowLedge WordPress Theme and New WarriorPanel

Its been a while since we released a new theme, but that don’t do anything to keep ThemeWarrior alive and kicking. In fact, we’ve been busy developing new themes and a new theme options framework that will make WarriorPanel more powerful that ever! Let’s Start With nowLedge First, let us introduce you to our upcoming theme called nowLedge, as you can tell from it’s name…